Welcome to The Fruit Nursery

We are a small, family run mail order nursery, although we do take part in some local festivals and horticultural shows, currently located in the heart of rural Germany.
The nursery specialises in unusual and rare plants that produce edible fruit. Our plants are grown by us here in Rheinland Pfalz, they are propagated from seed sourced from all over the world, some of our stock is also produced using cuttings and layering.

All plants are grown using organic and biodynamic principles, while also adhering to the ethos of eco-forest gardening.
Our plants are pretty much as mother nature intended them to be, as they have not been bred or extensively selected to produce certain characteristics – something which most common garden fruit plants have been produced for.
As a result our plants tend to be healthy, strong and productive specimens, which will add both colour and a talking point to any garden as well as providing you with a crop of delicious and unusual fruit!